Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy Epiphany!

Today is Twelfth Night or the twelfth day of the Christmas season. It marks the liturgical celebration of the magi's arrival at Christ's side with their three gifts. It is also the feast of Christmas for our friends in the Eastern Church. For more info about epiphany, please click here.
You can also catch the Archbishop of Canterbury's new year's message on YouTube but here is an excerpt, which is good for reflection:
In a society where we think of so many things as disposable, where we expect to be constantly discarding last year’s gadget and replacing it with this year’s model - do we end up tempted to think of people and relationships as disposable?
You gotta love an archbishop who goes on YouTube! Well, that's the Church being sensible about how to reach the people. I like to think of Thomas Becket's mind being boggled by all this! Anyway, good food for thought. I heard him speak this past year, and I am much impressed with Rowan Williams.

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